ENGL 2105 : Workplace-Based Writing and Research

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There are several different ways to contribute to this collection of resources. If you are teaching the class you can request an id and password and then login to share with other teachers and with the student's articles you've written or links to articles or tutorials you think impressive. You can write reviews and summaries of books you think relevant and interesting. And you can share assignments that will help students achieve ENGL 2105's student learning outcomes 1) Write effective prose
2) Think critically (summarizes, synthesizes, avoids biases, unwarranted assumptions)
3) Create effective personae (empathize and characterize without caricature or stereotype)
4) Create effective questionnaires (can design an unbiased, useful, information gathering instrument)
5) Visualize data effectively
6) Understand social networking
Our goal as teachers of this class is to own the material in concert.


If you are a student in this class, you can rate the assignments and readings by clicking on the stars at the end of each screen. If you want to share feedback at greater length, we encourage you to fill out a feedback form you can find on the first screen.